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Goodslift for only goods and with operator on board

Operator on board
Up SPB The Goods lift with operator in board
All UP versions with capacity from 300Kg to 2500Kg can be supplied with the homologated SPB system which allow the use of the lift with the operator on board, complete with following  safety devices:
Double dead-man push button on board,  UPS in case of power failure, pushbutton for emergency descent to the lower floor, GSM system for emergency calls or call center connection.
Due at cabin absence we are able to provide the maximum space on the platform and making the full system more easy to use but keeping the maximum safety during the use thanks to the dedicated devices installed

- Check-valve
- Safety hooks on the landing level
- Double lifting chains
- Electric breaking chains control
- Double speed
- Management and control of electric locks on the landing doors
 - Guide side railing
- Double dead-man push button on board
- UPS in the event of a power failure
- pushbutton for emergency descent to the lower floor
- Emergency GSM dialler system
- Safety photocells on board
. Capacity Elevation
Pit L x P max Floor Stop
UP3 300Kg 7 m 12 cm 170x130 cm 2/4 220V
UP6 600Kg 7 m 12 cm 1700x130 cm 2/4 220V
UP10 1000Kg 12 m 15 cm 280x200 cm 2/4 400V
UP15 1500Kg 12 m 15 cm 250x170 cm 2/4 400V
UP20 2000Kg 12 m 25 cm 280x200 cm 2/4 400V
UP25 2500Kg 12 m 25 cm 250x180 cm 2/4 400V

Drawing UP3 SPB standard.pdf
Drawing UP6 SPB standard.pdf
Drawing UP10 SPB standard.pdf
Drawing UP15 SPB standard.pdf
Drawing UP20 SPB standard.pdf
Drawing UP25 SPB standard.pdf