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Goodslift for only goods and with operator on board

DL2 two column lift
Dinamic Lift DL2 – 2-column goods lift for loads up to 4000 kg

Dinamic Lift DL2 is a 2-column goods lift for loads up to 4000kg consisting of 2 load-bearing columns in C-shaped structural steel beams in which combined bearings slide. The robustness of the structure allows balanced lifting of the load up to heights of 16 metres.

Technische Kurze Infos:
Kapazität: 4000kg
Elevation max: 16m
Länge max: 600cm
Breite max: 300cm
Geschwindigkeit: bis zu 15 cm / s
Extrapit: 25cm
Lastlager Abmessungen: 25cm