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Goodslift for only goods and with operator on board

from 300 to 2500 Kg
Updinamic Goodslift, avaiable in UP3-6-10-15-20-25 versions,
UP is an electro-hydraulic vertical goods lift designed for the transportation of goods to various underground or above-ground levels with capacity from 300 to 2500 Kg. UP has a wall-mounted load-bearing structure constructed of special structural steel beams in which combined bearings slide. The platform is driven by a hydraulic cylinder with double-chain transmission.

The Updinamic Goods Lifts can be installed wherever you need to store containers, pallets, crates, boxes, and other heavy goods on various levels such as mezzanines or wine cellars. Apart from in private storerooms or industrial and commercial warehouses, theGoods Lift can also come in very handy for domestic use.

As it is only intended for the transportation of goods, the Goods Lift is controlled from outside the lift shaft with simple up / down buttons to move the lift from level to level, and comes complete with warning lights to indicate whether the lift is free or occupied.
Normally, Updinamic UP Goods Lifts are fastened to a suitable load-bearing wall. Moreover, depending on the model, they require only a very small pit.

The main feature of the Updinamic Goods Lift is its ease of installation. The modular structure and the simple sliding-guide system allow installation in just a few days.

The simplicity of the lift does not mean that any compromise has been made regarding safety devices!
UP goods lifts meet all the requirements to guarantee the safety of the user and the load. All Updinamic Goods Lifts comply with Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

- Safety hooks on the landing level
- Management and control of electric locks on the landing doors
- Low-voltage pushbutton panels
- Check-valve
- Parachute valve
- Goods containment lip on the platform

The goods lift can be supplied in customised sizes with a simple platform or equipped with large cabins and doors. Platform guides normally face upwards, however on request they can be fitted downwards so as to prevent the load from protruding above the surface.